Our Mission Statement

Rhythms Live will strive to provide all music lovers with a unique and diverse menu of world-class artists performing live to the music we all enjoy and appreciate.

Our performances provide an up-close and intimate setting for entertainment in a refined yet enjoyable atmosphere. Our goal is to increase the appeal for live entertainment to include stage presence and appearance.

Rhythms Live will also offer other forms of entertainment and showcase local talents. Along with embracing the art culture, Rhythms Live feels that it is imperative to continuously engage the community through gifting, sharing and educating. We will make a profound awareness of community involvement, initiatives, and development.

The Triangle area lends itself to a solid and lucrative foundation for this form of entertainment. Therefore, we want to re-expose our adult populations to the music they love and demand! Everyone can be enlightened with the importance, appreciation, and gratitude for the artful form of musical entertainment and all it has to offer!