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After the “I Do’s” Game Show

It’s a comedy show, it’s a game show, and it’s reality TV all in one night of fun and entertainment for the
audience. This souped up version of the Newlywed Game of yesteryear features couples who are beyond
newlyweds that answer revealing questions that illustrate how much they know…or don’t know about
each other. When their answers match, they score points and the couple with the highest score wins the
fabulous grand prize. The questions give us more than a peek into the lives of these couples all while
maintaining a steady stream of laughter at the clean comedy.

After the I Do’s” made its successful Live Show debut at the Clayton Center in February 2018. The show
was hosted by comedian Les Long who kept the audience laughing from beginning to end. He prodded
the couples to get most out of each response and gave the audience more than a peek into their married
lives. In July 2018, audiences were treated to a special version of the show, the Pastor’s Edition, held at
the Duke Energy Center in downtown Raleigh. Pastors and their spouses let us know that they are simply
“regular folks”. This show was hosted by comedian Terry Tuff who also pushed the couples to the edge of
“uh oh” while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

After the LIVE SHOW accomplishments, the After the “I Do’s” Game Show moved to television for the
first season on CW22. Eight episodes of the game show introduced us to couples who entertained and
amused the viewing audience. Four of the couples who amused but lost have been chosen to try again in
the Season Finale. The questions are fresh, and the laughter will be noisier as we probe a little deeper into
the lives of these couples. In addition to this finale show, we are bringing back the wildly popular Pastor’s
Edition, where we once again witness these special couples share more than they would in a Sunday

The airwaves are filled with games shows; even a game show network. After the “I Do’s” Game Show
combines what people love about a game show, reality TV, and comedy shows but brings it to a live local
audience. This show adds a fresh new perspective to marriage while giving adults a new and different
choice for evening entertainment.